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Phoenix Harris, Jessica Carmichael, and Yancey Ellis are experienced, dedicated and fearless attorneys committed solely to representing you in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, and the Eastern District of Virginia.

Contact our office today for a free consultation if you need help with:

- Criminal Investigations or the Grand Jury

- the Sex Offender Registry

- Security Clearances

and more

Virginia Criminal Defense

Whether it is a Virginia Misdemeanor such as an underage possession of alcohol charge, or a Virginia Felony such as armed robbery, we are committed to securing the best possible result in your case.  The trial court system in Virginia is a two-tiered system consisting of General District Court, and Circuit Court.  Click on the Virginia misdemeanor or felony page for thorough explanations of proceedings for both cases.

We also enthusiastic and equipped to help you in these additional areas, and more:

- Probation violations

- Expungements

- Pardons

- Restoration of Rights

- School board hearings/CPS hearings

Federal Criminal Defense

The Eastern District of Virginia, which is part of the federal Fourth Circuit, is where federal cases in this area are charged. This court hears cases from DUIs and possession of marijuana, which occur on federal land (such as the George Washington Parkway, or national parks), all the way up to the most serious espionage cases. It is not uncommon for the feds to pick up and prosecute cases which were originally charged in state court, such as drug, weapons, or sex crime cases.

If you have been charged federally in the Eastern District of Virginia with a felony or misdemeanor, you can rest assured we are intimately familiar with the processes of this court and the United States Attorney's Office. If you are incarcerated, at your initial detention hearing we will argue for your release. Cases in the EDVA move very quickly and trials must be held within 70 days of indictment. Therefore, it is imperative that we obtain discovery from the prosecutor and begin investigating your case immediately.

We have represented individuals charged with the most serious crimes possible, from major organized crime and drug conspiracy rings, weapons, sex offenses, extensive fraud schemes, and more.  If you are looking for experienced attorneys who can effortlessly guide you through this difficult time while aggressively fighting every step of the way for your freedom, call us for a free consultation.

Some more specific explanations of federal charges you may be facing are:

- Federal drug charges

- Federal child pornography and sex crimes

- Federal weapons offenses

- Federal fraud crimes

- Federal violations

What Happens Now?

If you are incarcerated, we will contact you in the jail where you are held, and we will remain in contact throughout the pendency of your case. If you are able to come in to the office, we will ask you to come meet in person as soon as possible. Our approach to defense is zealous, organized, and fast-paced, and we look forward to helping you.

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